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Definition and execution of the product marketing strategy

Product Marketing is an interface between market facing units and product management which is typically responsible for definition, planning, and launching, the respective products and services.

Strategy Definition

Based on your briefing, the assessment of your existing product marketing approach, and interviews with key members of your organization, I will develop an individual product marketing strategy with an action plan listing concrete steps, deliverables, and timelines to receive maximum awareness in the marketplace and with prospects.

Strategy Execution

Once you approve the strategy, it’s time to execute the plan. This means working on the defined actions, connecting the right people and producing the material as laid out in the strategy.

Value Proposition, Use Cases and Messaging

The value of your products and services is expressed in your value proposition. A clear value proposition with sharp, concise messaging for well defined use cases will enable your organization and your partners to sell your products and services much better. That’s because customers and prospects will understand the value of your offering right away.


Find your position in a fast-paced marketplace by identifying and describing the the sweet spots (unique selling points, USPs) of your products and services and benchmarking your offer with the competition. The result is a clear positioning that ensures noone gets confused when looking at your products, services, or portfolio.


Let me help with the production of required material, be it internal or external. This could be sales playbooks, cheat sheets, messaging guides, product brochures, data sheets, web sites, presentation decks, thought leadership material, videos, customer success stories or other product related information. If needed, I can bring in and manage top agencies and experienced freelancers to help with production based on thorough briefings.

Analyst Relations

Industry analysts can be key to your business success, but working with them is challenging. After all, they do not see you as a customer (even if you are!) but as a vendor that needs to be reviewed, evaluated, and rated – for their customers. It’s their job to discover and describe the strengths and weaknesses of your product. That’s why you need a strategy to engage with them long before they start working on their next big report. Let me develop your analyst relations strategy and start collaborating with them through briefings and inquiries.

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