Product Marketing Coaching & Training

Training programs based on experience

Product marketing is still a widely misunderstood discipline. if you’re not certain but want to know more, let me introduce the function to you and your teams. You’ll understand what it all means and how your organization can benefit from a well executed product marketing approach.

Initial training to help you get started

A one-time training course helps you to understand the product markting discipline so you can avoid the pitfalls as you implement product marketing in your organization.

Ongoing training to help you keep focused and improve

Regular trainings, especially for new hires as part of their onboarding, strengthen the product marketing function and helps keeping the focus.

If everyone understands and embraces the PMM function and knows which information is available and where to find it, they will achieve top performance from day 1.

Meet Mark, Product Marketer by Heart.

Mark Zanzig

Product Marketing Consultant


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