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Assess and improve your product marketing approach

Improving your Product Marketing approach follows the traditional consulting cycle starting with the assessment of your existing approach and identification of potential improvements. The resulting action plan can then be executed. The cycle repeats after a while.

Assessment of your product marketing approach

All improvement begins with a thorough assessment of your product marketing approach. This will take a look at the processes between product management, sales and marketing as well as the available messaging and content.

It’s a sober and neutral analysis of how your teams collaborate and how your products and services are being promoted in the marketplace using the existing material.

Identifying potential improvements

Based on this, I will identify the gaps in your approach and compile a list of potential improvements that also estimates cost and timelines.

Drafting and aligning the action plan for product marketing

From the long list of potential improvements I will design and align an action plan with you and your organization. This plan consists of a concrete list of actions to be taken, including the means, cost, and timelines involved. It also shows the expected business results including KPIs to measure success.

Executing the action plan

The execution of the action plan can be managed and supervised by me, ensuring that the rationale behind the plan is being reflected along the project and highest quality will be achieved.

If you opt to execute the action plan all on your own, I will be available to support your team should questions or road blocks emerge.

Repeat after a while

After a while, typically 6 to 9 months after approval of the action plan, we’re going to take a joint look at the achievements and re-assess your product marketing approach. With this, the cycle starts again.

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