Interim Management

Get immediate support for your product marketing

Build the foundation now

Have you identified the need for a product marketing manager and want to get started now, but can’t find the right candidates? Then take a shortcut and let me do the heavy lifting. This will significantly reduce the time until you see tangible business results from the product marketing function.

While I prepare the ground for your future PMM, you can keep looking for the right people, assisted by me. Once on board, I’m happy to hand over the work and step out.

Fill the gap in your team now

Need to temporarily fill a gap in your existing product marketing team? Then let me jump right in and support your team. You’ll get a practitioner with 10+ years experience as PMM and 20+ years in marketing.

No matter whether it’s just weeks or months, I’m happy to help for as long as needed.

Meet Mark, Product Marketer by Heart.

Mark Zanzig

Product Marketing Consultant


Budapester Str. 65
D-82008 Unterhaching


Phone +49 163 7318408


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